Sunday, June 05, 2005

Why blogs?

I have to admit they I recently discovered this blog world, and I found it really fascinating, I spend long time reading, admiring, laughing, and feel as if I’m with a group of my close friends, my best friend tell me that we’ll sure find out at the end that we all know each other, or at least friends of friends, simply because we speak the same language, may be those are the blogs that I read, and I was very encouraged to comment at others blog, I feel that I share there lives and conversations, and than I thought of having my blog, and I stopped to think what should I write, I know like you are starting to discover that I usually write "long speeches” or a sort of “ articles” but I don’t feel that’s the best way to use the blog, we can all read articles in magazines, and newspapers, but the beauty of the blog, is to become a sort of unorganized feelings and thoughts, may be we take someone idea and try to put it in order, and to discuss it with him, but the base is to just get things out, and think loudly and watch the beauty of the human brain in words, that can be a great achievement, but …
Again another but :)
When I follow all the blogs that I like these days, I don’t find thoughts, nor beauty, I only see news and anger, everyone is talking about whats going in Egypt, and not what’s going in our lives, nor our brains, and I said that’s not what I want to do I want the blog to be different, and I decided to write in any different thing than what’s happening, is that possible ???????????????????
Of course not, how can we be living in that time where the Egyptian people finally started to move, and think of different things?! Frankly I couldn’t think or write in different things although I really wanted to, however all what I managed to do is to write those thoughts, to introduce my blog, and I can’t express it in a way better than Socrates words (Socrates the blogger and not the philosopher :) ) I’’ll borrow only few words:
يمكن في وقت تاني
كنا ملينا بالحب المدونات
واتكلمنا عن العشق والحكايات
… … …
لكن في ناس خلت كل المدونات
حزن ونكدوهم وكمد
وناس بتصرخ بكل اللغات
… … …
شعر عشق ما تلاقيش
كلام في الحب مافيش
حب وقت الحرب؟ ما تجيش
واللي نصبح فيه، فيه نبات
… … …
يا ناس يا هووه
إللي خللى جيل شباب
بحاله عنده اكتئاب


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